The rise of the RMGT SRA1 and 920 series

The huge advantages offered by RMGT presses have grown their machine sales and, in turn, market Share.
Their winning formula combines print performance with huge commercial benefits.
The SRA1 machine and the 920 series are enjoying a particular boom, with 70% savings available compared to a similar price of a B1 in the marketplace.
The SRA1 is among the best selling machines in the world and this is something that is certainly being reflected in the sales that we are seeing at DPM. 
But why is RMGT, and specifically the SRA1, enjoying such a purple patch of growth?
The simple answer is that there are lots of advantages and Features to the SRA1 that make it one of the best pound-for-pound printing machines in the world right now.

These advantages include:

Lower costs - The 920 runs 8-up A4 printing that reduces power consumption and plate costs compared with a B1. The SRA1 print size offers B2 printers new markets and increased capacity.
Machine price - The RMGT 920 is the most competitively priced press in its class, benefitting from an extra SRA1 sheet size press at the B2 press price.
Carbon footprint - Its space saving designs means you can utilise space in your Factory more efficiently.
LED UV options - LED UV curing offers immediate digital prints with the productivity of traditional lithographic printing.

As well as the advantages named above, there are many distinctive Features with the 920 and the SRA1 that helps it to stand out from the crowd.
The unique, simultaneous plate changing system provides cost effective and efficient operation, while wall screen monitoring technology displays real time press status, including colour management, to ensure your printing projects are on track.
There is a manual override to ensure there is no stop to production and the print quality has been improved due to its double diameter cylinders, torsion bar type gripper for stable registration accuracy and an advanced dampening system to optimise water and ink balance.

RMGT 1050 B1 press

This press is also seeing growing popularity at DPM. It provides a patented tandem perfector with no sheet turning device, allowing for an ideal production platform that is high in quality and offers back to back printing.
The simultaneous plate changing system gives cost effective and trouble-free operation and Features manual overrides and wall screen monitoring technology similar to the 920.
This machine has a terrific reliability track record and 24/7 production capabilities if required.

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