Negoimpresos 2007 MAN Roland R505+LV

DPM’s Latin America division were in action recently, our Colleague Rocio Peña-Smith found  a good Home for  our MAN Roland R505+LV, a very nice Scandinavian B2 press with coating unit.

The press was sourced from a printing house not far from Helsinki, Finland. Already in very good condition, it needed no work, and was ready to go directly to a new Home.

Located in the heart of Mexico City, Negoimpresos were looking for a press with faster makeready, with carton capabilities. The R505+LV fitted them perfectly, with it’s impressive specification (1mm Carton Package / 18,000 sheets per hour / ColorPilot etc.)

Rocio knew just what to offer them, and was delighted to invite Negoimpresos to Finland for an inspection of the press.

Here is the press in it’s new Home in Mexico City!

"Aquí ya poniendo en marcha la prensa Roland que pudimos adquirir a través deDPM, muchas gracias por su servicio"

("Here, finishing installing a Man Roland Press bought from DPM, many thanks for your service“)

Señor Hugo Espinosa - Negoimpresos


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